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Developer Transformers Also Handles COD: Advanced Warfare & Mobile Legends

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Welcoming the presence of the movie series which will also be launched at the end of June 2014, Activision is currently preparing the latest Transformers game series – Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. But unlike the previous Transformers game series that managed to get a very positive response from gamers because of its quality, Rise of the Dark Spark is no longer handled by High Moon Studios. After handling Deadpool adaptation games some time ago, developers with positive track record seemed to just disappear. The big question is, what projects are they actually working on? Believe it or not, the answer turns out to be Mobile Legends hack .

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare prepared for release later this year is claimed to be the first Call of Duty project to represent the latest generation of gaming quality. The commitment of the developer – Sledgehammer Games was not kidding.

In an interview with MCV, Michael Condrey of Sledgehammer stated that they only developed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Therefore, they can focus fully on striving to implement their concepts and ideas to the fullest extent, no longer having to worry about whether it can run on previous generation consoles. As a replacement? Mobile LegendsĀ  and Xbox 360 versions will be handled by High Moon Studios. It is unclear whether they come with the same or different content.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare itself is scheduled to be released on November 4, 2014 for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course – PC. With the breaking down of the development process between the latest and older generation platform versions, it’s exciting to anticipate what kind of end result Sledgehammer Games has to offer. How about you?

Titanfall & Madden Mobile Back to Be the Best in the UK Market

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Dirlis for a long time does not necessarily make the charm of a game faded away, especially if it is a game that has been long anticipated presence. This case is what seems to happen with Titanfall. Released in mid-March 2014 via PC and Xbox One, as well as the Xbox 360 version that followed thereafter, the Madden Mobile EA and Respawn Entertainment E-book projects managed to achieve tremendous success. Represented with fantastic sales figures, Titanfall was even crowned as the best-selling game of March 2014 in the United States, defeating its main rival – Infamous: Second Son who became Sony’s main weapon for the Playstation 4. This charm has also managed to make it back to being the best In the UK market.

A rare occurrence for a new IP that slid into the market, Titanfall finally returned to become the best game in the UK market this week after the undesirable release of The Amazing Spiderman last week and get madden mobile hack on madden-mobile-hacks .

This moment also seems to be successfully utilized also by another EA game – FIFA 14 who managed to crawl up to second position, while the adventure of the human spider should fall to position three after sales decline more than 49% from the previous week. The absence of new AAA games at least until the end of this month seems to push the position of Titanfall as an interesting game to have, especially with the multiplayer-based gameplay that he usung. What about the performance of other games?