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Great Mobile Strike Reviews

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If you are a passionate gamer you may think about the unmistakable sorts of beguilements that are at this moment available in the market. Most entertainments take after the case of ambush and counterattack, in spite of the way that they can not unequivocally play a redirection that has an establishment. War entertainments are assorted sorts with their own that don’t require shooting a nonsensical, yet has more knowledge included. After the epic war, it is mobileĀ  strike hacks that drove the fight between the different amusements and was seen as the War Game.

The stray pieces of the redirection

Mobile strike is open for download on Android and iOS and have a rating of at least seven and were invigorated in June here in 2016.

Groundbreaking redirection predominance delineations related with honest to goodness military-sort life is also sure.

There is a present day arms stockpile, guns, troops, vehicles and machines used for war as the military camp.

There is a most cherished action film star who could make the furnished constrain managers, they have capacities that extension the bent level in the commandant skill tree.

Guarantee the honest to goodness availability

Beside the essential appearance and principal approach looks the front line war delight including sensible consolidated position of the develop camp, by then move as for strike the enemy.

Building the base of open resources is a crucial bit of the delight since this building is the wellspring of your support while defending and attacking. Using mobile hack strike will empower you to save your advantages.

There are a combination of structures, for instance, farms, oil rigs, mines, squeeze mines, all of which will give the basic building and supplies for the troops.

Its base is similarly where the troops could be redesignd and arranged to fight against these ambushes.

Mobile Strike Tip

Calls for mindful orchestrating

Advancement works, regardless, better orchestrated and not just a subjective way to deal with fill the present plan.

This is the place the system accept a section since it has the advantages it produces from the off kilter attempting to make more resources that don’t need to buy.

It is basic to have no less than one mending focuses with a greater number of beds than the amount of warriors so they are not killed inside the base.

It will in like manner extra time and advantages for manufacture troops and bases sans arrangement.

Be an expert player

When you win a level, you should have the ability to get more prizes and free concentrations with your imperative considering. This will shed the usage of an overabundance of money to play an entertainment that is a champion among the most certifiable reporters that need to oversee. He was not called upon to produce a framework redirection for anything. It is moreover critical to set up a lot of tirelessness in the change system and not to dispatch an attack in the early stages. Else, you can be cut by a more grounded player with an amazingly solid base and returned to the fundamental level.

NBA Live Mobile Focus on main character

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Right on January 27, 2017 yesterday EA has finally officially released serial NBA Live Mobile for Android and also PC that can be obtained through Steam service. The presence of the Tales of Merry series is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tales franchise, so Berseria is a special Tales series for its fans.

Well, the NBA Live Mobile itself is a series of Tales that lift the point of view of the elements of darkness but still presents the human character as the main character. During the development of this game has been prepared to have a complex concept but still on the path that can be understood by gamers. Various conflicts will also be felt, ranging from betrayal, revenge, and pain that brings a bad path.

Below is a trailer launch trailer from NBA Live Mobile hack that you can see.

A little explanation of the NBA Live Mobile, in this game you will focus on the character Velvet. It is a girl who grew up with deep pain from what happened to her. Until such a major event made him completely transformed from a 16-year-old girl into a very deadly girl. Of course the Velvet character is not like the previous Tales character which is always portrayed with a cool atmosphere, where the Velvet figure just wants to avenge him for what happened to the big event. The core of this story is the rise of demonic power that overcomes the power of good to get the right way.

NBA Live Mobile’s crew will not divulge the storyline that Velvet will experience in the NBA Live Mobile, the article in just 30 minutes of play, you will really know Velvet background to become the most important in this game. Although the background is so fast, but you will focus on the next story that makes it even more curious and wondering “What happened to Velvet?”.

EA has described, in this Velvet Tales of the Velvet will find some people who will accompany him to avenge. But every encounter of the character is also tinged with several conflicts accompanied by a conversation phrase that is characteristic of the Tales series.

Curious as to what the greatness of this Tales of Merry game? Until the price was quite expensive relative to the size of the game that is not AAA?

Then what is interesting about this Sport game? How is this game to be owned for me a new person who knows the Tales series? The question is indeed a scourge for the Bandai Namco who became the publisher Tales series. But Bandai Namco must have thought about it, so this game really can all these questions.


Graphical appearance in the game NBA Live Mobile itself comes with a 3D anime form, unrealistic and indeed adheres to the concept of fantasy. Even so the quality of the graphics shown turned out to spoil the eye because the combination of other color detail is very interesting, so it does not make the eyes bored quickly to linger in the game.

Differences loot items with the surrounding area also make added value for you who like to do exploration in this game. Where each loot item is very useful for some other purposes.


Sound effects and music mix in the NBA Live Mobile game do not clash, so you can really feel a very clear and less disturbing sound when you play with a headset. Unfortunately, the sound of music in this game is a bit repetitive, especially when you are in the same location.

Battle System

If you’ve ever played a JRPG game like Star Ocean, then you’ll feel the same in this Tales of Merry game. Because later you will be able to freely move the character Velvet (main character) or other characters to attack the enemy.

Final Odyssey, Three Heroes to Conquer the World

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Final Odyssey is a mobile action MMORPG that brings many excellent features like PC-based online dungeon. Games are present on Android and iOS devices are equipped with a user interface that is easy to operate on mobile devices.

In this article Kotga Crew will tell you the experience after playing Final Odyssey on Android, on the Dragon server. When entering the first time, there is an opening scene that tells about the background story of this game and the reason gamers have to fight. Only then did the Kotga Crew enter into the first battle tutorial.


In battle, a maximum of characters that can be controlled is only three characters, but gamers can have more than three characters. Each character has a type, namely fighter, caster, guard, and support. You can combine the characters in the team at will according to the strategy. The team formed by Kotga Crew consists of a combination of guard, caster and support. You can also differentiate team design for PVP and team when dungeon battle on Clash Royale.

Dungeon battle

Initial impression when trying early Final Odyssey, this game looks the same as mobile action MMORPG in general. But the farther into the adventure, Kru Kotga instantly like this game when you know if there are features online multiplayer with other players. Only, it takes a little time to form a group with a maximum of 3 players.

In the multiplayer online feature there is a “Voice Chat” service that allows the Kotga Crew to communicate with other players by pressing the microphone symbol on the left of the screen. Voice Chat is very easy because the Kotga Crew can give instructions to the team to do something quickly. If using a regular chat, communication would be very inconvenient.

Voice Chat

Kotga crew rate auto feature in this game is very smart. Why? Because the player can manage what commands should run automatically, and which commands should be executed manually. For example, the second character skill runs automatically, but the first skill is manual, or all manual and all automatic. In addition, in this game there is a feature “Regroup” to allow the characters to unite in the initial formation so it is easier to control and get Clash Royale Gemme Gratuit .


According to the Kotga Crew, actually this game is minimal shortcomings, except sometimes a bit difficult when looking for a group to run the mission dungeon. The mission requires a minimum of three players in one team. Though Kotga Crew is very confident if you can complete all the missions alone or just two with other players, not necessarily three. Fortunately there is a feature “Auto Join”, so no need to constantly monitor the game.

Thus the Kotga Crew review of the Final Odyssey. Overall, this Clash Royale game is very interesting. No wonder, because this is a game developed by NetEase, one of the game developers who usually spawned quality games. Kotakers are required to play the Final Odyssey. In addition to the fun gameplay, the storyline presented in the Final Odyssey is also interesting to be listened to.

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens Previews

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As we all know, in the near future Netmarble Games Indonesia will present a Blockbuster Action RPG with PC content designed specifically for mobile devices, the game is EvilBane: Rise of Ravens. Getting the opportunity to try the game exclusively, of course KotGa Crew will share to Kotakers some important information when playing EvilBane: Rise of Ravens, in this special preview article.

The first stunning thing is to make KotGa Crew know this game, of course, on the graphics. How not, the resulting image quality is as clear as playing a PC game only, whereas EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is a game for mobile platform. Although not the first game that has graphics ciamik, but this makes KotGa Crew happy because of EvilBande: Rise of Ravens will enter the ranks of mobile games in Indonesia that has graphics with exceptional quality.

Before entering the game, it would be nice to take in the story of EvilBane: Rise of Ravens first. It all begins with the word “Heavenstone”, a mysterious heritage passed down from one generation to another. Where, thanks to the presence of Heavenstone, humans are finally able to do something that has never been done before, that is to bewitch and fill the power of Gear with the object. The surprising thing is that the power of Heavenstone has gradually increased, until it can absorb into the human body.

Seeing the dangers that Heavenstone might inflict, eventually the elders were to cover up the facts and information about the usefulness of Heavenstone in the eyes of the world. They hide one of Heavenstone deep inside the Matera kingdom that is in the capital of Ceroth. Twenty years later, after the end of Guardian’s War a great hero named Sir Dominian returned to Matera with his protege.

Could the hero with his protege want to use Heavenstone again? That’s where the journey begins in NBA Live Mobile !

Netmarble Games Indonesia offers three initial characters that gamers can use in EvilBane: Rise of Ravens when the release later. They are:

Luke (Character that develops stable and has balanced status).
Khara (Character with extraordinary dexterity that excels in balance, even though the defense is very weak).
Vango (Character with extraordinary physical ability, has a slow but very deadly attack).

While trying to play an existing character, EvilBane’s adventure excitement: Rise of Ravens starts KotGa Crew feeling. The reason, every character has weaponry and effects of different skills. From there, the various movements that characterize each character have their own characteristics and NetMarble presents it with a very spectacular detail. Moreover, the set of armor that is provided has a very gahar and can be customized as desired. This of course becomes one of the spirit enhancers to fight in EvilBande: Rise of Ravens, because the look of his character is as cool as he wants.

Other fun activities will also gamers feel when playing in Raid Mode in the game EvilBane: Rise of Ravens. Where boss monsters are made with high-level AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, so their movements will be unpredictable. From there gamers will also be tested because the use of nontargetting skills will be the decisive for your victory against Boss Raid.

Finally, the thing that makes EvilBane: Rise of Ravens worth taking into account is the PvP Mode it presents. PvP gamers will experience two different types of battles, with PvP Arena and Guild Battle. The excitement that gamers feel from each type of PvP will of course be different and have its own experience and Get NBA Live Mobile hacks here .

Until now, EvilBane: Rise of Ravens has not been released by Netmarble Indonesia, even the release date is still kept secret. However, the Pre-Register for Blockbuster Action RPG has been opened by Netmarble so that Kotakers can register themselves through the App Store or Google Play and seize the opportunity to earn 30,000 Gold.

Finally, WWE 2K15 Performance Screenshot Prime!

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A sport that is packed in the form of stunning entertainment, this one praise is deserved to be sent to WWE. Embellished with unique stories and characters, one of the ancient sports is no longer just a racecourse and a strategy. With such a huge appeal and fan base, it is not surprising that WWE is also one of the flagship franchises in the gaming industry. Implementation of mechanics as much as possible created to project the state of the story and the battle in the real world became one of the main attraction. But unfortunately, the latest series actually raises a little wave of pessimism and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle .

Many times claimed that the development process went very well, 2K Sports strangely still has not shared more details related to WWE 2K15 regardless of the upcoming release window. In addition to the various bundles and iconic characters that are certainly present, they have not even provided a picture of what kind of visual quality has to offer. Something that is certainly very essential considering WWE 2K15 will be the first series released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Fortunately, John Cena was the savior. Answering the curiosity that has been awakened, through his official Twitter account, John Cena finally shared the first in-game screenshot WWE 2K15! Of course, he looks dazzling.
Through his official Twitter account, John Cena showed in-game screenshots for WWE 2K15 prime. Interesting of course, considering this being the first WWE series for Playstation 4 and Xbox One and get dragon ball z dokkan battle free dragon stone .

WWE 2K15 itself is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2014, for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and also Xbox One. Can not wait to play as Undertaker on the new-gen version!