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Far Cry 4 Apparently Still Got One Ending Secret!

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Like two different poles, in the midst of spicy criticism surrounding Assassin’s Creed Unity release, another Ubisoft Montreal – Far Cry 4 project has received high praise. Consistency to perfect even fantastic quality in Far Cry 3 is highly appreciated by gamers, especially with the alternative ending design that comes surprisingly enough. You who had followed the news JagatPlay certainly could find news about how Far Cry 4 can be completed in just 15 minutes. Ending the alternative is somewhat genius and provides a more rational ending. Cool? Wait a minute. Ubisoft still has an extra secret ending again and get roblox hack.

This confirmation was launched by the senior РAlex Hutchinson in his latest official tweet. Alex mentions that no one gamer who managed to find the ending of a very secretive Far Cry 4 alternative to the present. It does not give clue that explicitly leads the gamer, but mentions that this ending is related to one of your decisions in the game and about building a new small area. This information is of course enough to make many roblox  gamers back in action in Kyrat.

Blizzard Announce New Game – Overwatch

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Blizzard is arguably one of the most unique developers in the gaming industry. Why? Despite its high popularity and status as a developer with the gameplay that gamers always anticipate, Blizzard actually does not have many “weapons”. He made it through only three major franchises – Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo, which began to evolve into a variety of genres, from RTS, MMO, to addictive card games. Blizzard himself was rumored to be releasing a new sci-fi themed MMO game called – Titan, but was eventually canceled due to a quality that was deemed inadequate. Rumors of another new project heats up as Blizzcon 2014 runs. Fulfilling gamer expectations, Blizzard has finally introduced a new game project – Cooking Fever hack .

As if not wanting to miss the trend in the gaming industry, Overwatch is positioned as a competitive FPS game that will focus on the design of their unique character, class, and specific abilities. Divided into two teams of 5 members each, each character will come with its own strengths and weaknesses, beyond its sleek design. You can act as a gorilla with armor, cyber angels, japanese warriors with cool arrows, to gothic snipers with grappling hooks that have high mobility capabilities, to contribute in battle. Blizzard has introduced about 12 characters with their background story and you can get Cooking Fever on android .

Blizzard itself is still shut up about the distribution model that will be carried by this Overwatch, whether it will bring free to play or paid. They also have not set a release platform for this one ambitious project. But for you who are interested to enjoy it, a registration for the beta has been opened which is planned to start thrown in 2015. Looks awesome!

Bioware Reveals New Mass Effect Series Concept

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A new Mass Effect series devoted to the latest generation platform has been confirmed since last year. Bioware as the developer – even had time to share some details, regardless of the development process is still very early. Will certainly use the EA and DICE engine – Frostbite Engine 3.0 as the foundation, Bioware avoids mentioning this game as “Mass Effect 4” to prevent any confusion that may occur, especially considering that Shepard is no longer the main character in this latest series. Being one of the highly anticipated projects, various details of this latest Roblox-related information came to light.

In the live streaming event by Bioware, they share some of the latest artworks that will be the main inspiration of the next Mass Effect series development process. This artwork reveals several new worlds, along with unique architecture that is built exclusively by the latest alien race that unfortunately, has not gotten a clearer introduction and get roblox robux hack .

Bioware itself is ambitious to open the opportunity for gamers to explore freely every world. As for the main characters they carry, they want to create characters as powerful as Shepard, but with positions under Shepard when the Mass Effect trilogy story begins.

Bioware itself still can not be sure as to what title will be carried by this latest Mass Effect series, or for the release window when it will be released. One is for sure, it was built for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – the PC as the focus. Can not wait!