EvilBane: Rise of Ravens Previews

As we all know, in the near future Netmarble Games Indonesia will present a Blockbuster Action RPG with PC content designed specifically for mobile devices, the game is EvilBane: Rise of Ravens. Getting the opportunity to try the game exclusively, of course KotGa Crew will share to Kotakers some important information when playing EvilBane: Rise of Ravens, in this special preview article.

The first stunning thing is to make KotGa Crew know this game, of course, on the graphics. How not, the resulting image quality is as clear as playing a PC game only, whereas EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is a game for mobile platform. Although not the first game that has graphics ciamik, but this makes KotGa Crew happy because of EvilBande: Rise of Ravens will enter the ranks of mobile games in Indonesia that has graphics with exceptional quality.

Before entering the game, it would be nice to take in the story of EvilBane: Rise of Ravens first. It all begins with the word “Heavenstone”, a mysterious heritage passed down from one generation to another. Where, thanks to the presence of Heavenstone, humans are finally able to do something that has never been done before, that is to bewitch and fill the power of Gear with the object. The surprising thing is that the power of Heavenstone has gradually increased, until it can absorb into the human body.

Seeing the dangers that Heavenstone might inflict, eventually the elders were to cover up the facts and information about the usefulness of Heavenstone in the eyes of the world. They hide one of Heavenstone deep inside the Matera kingdom that is in the capital of Ceroth. Twenty years later, after the end of Guardian’s War a great hero named Sir Dominian returned to Matera with his protege.

Could the hero with his protege want to use Heavenstone again? That’s where the journey begins in NBA Live Mobile !

Netmarble Games Indonesia offers three initial characters that gamers can use in EvilBane: Rise of Ravens when the release later. They are:

Luke (Character that develops stable and has balanced status).
Khara (Character with extraordinary dexterity that excels in balance, even though the defense is very weak).
Vango (Character with extraordinary physical ability, has a slow but very deadly attack).

While trying to play an existing character, EvilBane’s adventure excitement: Rise of Ravens starts KotGa Crew feeling. The reason, every character has weaponry and effects of different skills. From there, the various movements that characterize each character have their own characteristics and NetMarble presents it with a very spectacular detail. Moreover, the set of armor that is provided has a very gahar and can be customized as desired. This of course becomes one of the spirit enhancers to fight in EvilBande: Rise of Ravens, because the look of his character is as cool as he wants.

Other fun activities will also gamers feel when playing in Raid Mode in the game EvilBane: Rise of Ravens. Where boss monsters are made with high-level AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, so their movements will be unpredictable. From there gamers will also be tested because the use of nontargetting skills will be the decisive for your victory against Boss Raid.

Finally, the thing that makes EvilBane: Rise of Ravens worth taking into account is the PvP Mode it presents. PvP gamers will experience two different types of battles, with PvP Arena and Guild Battle. The excitement that gamers feel from each type of PvP will of course be different and have its own experience and Get NBA Live Mobile hacks here .

Until now, EvilBane: Rise of Ravens has not been released by Netmarble Indonesia, even the release date is still kept secret. However, the Pre-Register for Blockbuster Action RPG has been opened by Netmarble so that Kotakers can register themselves through the App Store or Google Play and seize the opportunity to earn 30,000 Gold.