Final Odyssey, Three Heroes to Conquer the World

Final Odyssey is a mobile action MMORPG that brings many excellent features like PC-based online dungeon. Games are present on Android and iOS devices are equipped with a user interface that is easy to operate on mobile devices.

In this article Kotga Crew will tell you the experience after playing Final Odyssey on Android, on the Dragon server. When entering the first time, there is an opening scene that tells about the background story of this game and the reason gamers have to fight. Only then did the Kotga Crew enter into the first battle tutorial.


In battle, a maximum of characters that can be controlled is only three characters, but gamers can have more than three characters. Each character has a type, namely fighter, caster, guard, and support. You can combine the characters in the team at will according to the strategy. The team formed by Kotga Crew consists of a combination of guard, caster and support. You can also differentiate team design for PVP and team when dungeon battle on Clash Royale.

Dungeon battle

Initial impression when trying early Final Odyssey, this game looks the same as mobile action MMORPG in general. But the farther into the adventure, Kru Kotga instantly like this game when you know if there are features online multiplayer with other players. Only, it takes a little time to form a group with a maximum of 3 players.

In the multiplayer online feature there is a “Voice Chat” service that allows the Kotga Crew to communicate with other players by pressing the microphone symbol on the left of the screen. Voice Chat is very easy because the Kotga Crew can give instructions to the team to do something quickly. If using a regular chat, communication would be very inconvenient.

Voice Chat

Kotga crew rate auto feature in this game is very smart. Why? Because the player can manage what commands should run automatically, and which commands should be executed manually. For example, the second character skill runs automatically, but the first skill is manual, or all manual and all automatic. In addition, in this game there is a feature “Regroup” to allow the characters to unite in the initial formation so it is easier to control and get Clash Royale Gemme Gratuit .


According to the Kotga Crew, actually this game is minimal shortcomings, except sometimes a bit difficult when looking for a group to run the mission dungeon. The mission requires a minimum of three players in one team. Though Kotga Crew is very confident if you can complete all the missions alone or just two with other players, not necessarily three. Fortunately there is a feature “Auto Join”, so no need to constantly monitor the game.

Thus the Kotga Crew review of the Final Odyssey. Overall, this Clash Royale game is very interesting. No wonder, because this is a game developed by NetEase, one of the game developers who usually spawned quality games. Kotakers are required to play the Final Odyssey. In addition to the fun gameplay, the storyline presented in the Final Odyssey is also interesting to be listened to.