Grand Theft Auto V review

Well, you can forget all the hype and nonsense: it is a place as good as many expectations, better. In fact, it’s good that critics of the previous GTA sequence seem shameless to Rockstar and fans who flock to their games. The GTA series is always full of scope and ambition, but always defective in terms of mechanical and mission design. But this GTA is perfected almost perfectly.

GTA V does not just resemble a game that the series always wants, but he plays like that too. We really should start with the graphics pretty amazing. The only thing that costs more in the entertainment world is the third movie of Pirates of the Caribbean, but unlike the bloated mess, you can see where every penny is spent on GTA V. The level of detail is really amazing, with extra incidental as fans of Workspaces in an office on the line are recognizable in scenes damaged and the most realistic water effects we’ve ever seen.

What is most impressive about this game is that the size of the world and the level of detail come without compromise in terms of graphical slowdown. You allow, especially since it is a problem that the series is always difficult, but there is a bit of a problem. In fact, the speed with which they move a relatively unremarkable car is one of our favorite parts of the game. There is a problem with textures and pop-in objects, but they are small compared to the same game one-tenth of the same complexity.

Although the game is in a fictitious “Los Santos”, not Los Angeles itself, the city map is closely related to reality, so, after visiting several times the city for E3 we recognize many pseudo-landmarks and buildings. We can now confirm that the previously filtered map is real, encompassing both the city itself, a deserted area of ​​hills and mountains beyond.

Someone is afraid that the game world is too small because it contains only one city can instantly forget this, because even at the end of the game, we are going through a big part we n ‘never seen before. One area where GTA V But telling stories is disappointing. He always had a problem with the lack of sympathetic characters and although currently three played anti-hero is always a problem and get gta 5 hack on .

Retired bank robber, Michael, is the nominal leader, with his backs on evil and his disintegration relationship with this family, the subject of some traces inspired Sopranos children. Franklin is a low-level gangster Michael takes under his wing, while Trevor revolves is a former colleague with a serial killer driver psychopath and part-time talent.
Tracks definitely have a lot of charisma, but if you stop to think about their situation for more than a second, they are in an unsympathetic case. But then, nothing is included in the game. We explore the morality of GTA in separate blogs, but whatever justification is there for the gameplay, it does not prevent some scenes from being repeatedly cut and predictable.

Fortunately, this is the last complaint you may have aimed at gameplay. You can always kill someone and steal everything but you can participate in races on land, sea or air. You can buy property and run a business (cannabis shop in the arms trade). You can learn to play tennis and golf (or, yes, arrows), or visit different targets (which increase the role of statistics playing each character).

There is a triathlon race in which participate festival walks on the dock, various “Foreigners and Freaks” to meet (who open their own sub-tasks, acting as paparazzi to try to rob a fougueur of sociopathic fitness). Regarding customization, there are several chain of clothing stores, tattoos, hairdressers and custom garages.

You could argue that this is just a GTA 5 money generator android  with more minigames bolted, but what makes the game such a significant improvement is not really graphics or extra activity, but that key action item – driving and shooting – is now so improved.