NBA Live Mobile Focus on main character

Right on January 27, 2017 yesterday EA has finally officially released serial NBA Live Mobile for Android and also PC that can be obtained through Steam service. The presence of the Tales of Merry series is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tales franchise, so Berseria is a special Tales series for its fans.

Well, the NBA Live Mobile itself is a series of Tales that lift the point of view of the elements of darkness but still presents the human character as the main character. During the development of this game has been prepared to have a complex concept but still on the path that can be understood by gamers. Various conflicts will also be felt, ranging from betrayal, revenge, and pain that brings a bad path.

Below is a trailer launch trailer from NBA Live Mobile hack that you can see.

A little explanation of the NBA Live Mobile, in this game you will focus on the character Velvet. It is a girl who grew up with deep pain from what happened to her. Until such a major event made him completely transformed from a 16-year-old girl into a very deadly girl. Of course the Velvet character is not like the previous Tales character which is always portrayed with a cool atmosphere, where the Velvet figure just wants to avenge him for what happened to the big event. The core of this story is the rise of demonic power that overcomes the power of good to get the right way.

NBA Live Mobile’s crew will not divulge the storyline that Velvet will experience in the NBA Live Mobile, the article in just 30 minutes of play, you will really know Velvet background to become the most important in this game. Although the background is so fast, but you will focus on the next story that makes it even more curious and wondering “What happened to Velvet?”.

EA has described, in this Velvet Tales of the Velvet will find some people who will accompany him to avenge. But every encounter of the character is also tinged with several conflicts accompanied by a conversation phrase that is characteristic of the Tales series.

Curious as to what the greatness of this Tales of Merry game? Until the price was quite expensive relative to the size of the game that is not AAA?

Then what is interesting about this Sport game? How is this game to be owned for me a new person who knows the Tales series? The question is indeed a scourge for the Bandai Namco who became the publisher Tales series. But Bandai Namco must have thought about it, so this game really can all these questions.


Graphical appearance in the game NBA Live Mobile itself comes with a 3D anime form, unrealistic and indeed adheres to the concept of fantasy. Even so the quality of the graphics shown turned out to spoil the eye because the combination of other color detail is very interesting, so it does not make the eyes bored quickly to linger in the game.

Differences loot items with the surrounding area also make added value for you who like to do exploration in this game. Where each loot item is very useful for some other purposes.


Sound effects and music mix in the NBA Live Mobile game do not clash, so you can really feel a very clear and less disturbing sound when you play with a headset. Unfortunately, the sound of music in this game is a bit repetitive, especially when you are in the same location.

Battle System

If you’ve ever played a JRPG game like Star Ocean, then you’ll feel the same in this Tales of Merry game. Because later you will be able to freely move the character Velvet (main character) or other characters to attack the enemy.